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Since 1972 we have been designing, planning and installing some of the most sophisticated Adjustable Pallet Racking systems in the UK. Formerly our group Chairman, Mr Richard H. Powell, who was President of the Storage and Handling Equipment Distributors’ Association (SHEDA) which previously represented the industry, started a division named RHP Racking focused on traditional storage systems.

Recently, and in light of our subsequent experience, we developed and rebranded a separate division dedicated to safe, modern and effective warehousing – welcome RHP Warehouse Design Engineers.

SEMA Approved

With our primary focus on health and safety in the warehouse, we proudly achieved 93% (Band A) in our latest audit by the UK’s Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), making us an official SEMA Distributor with Approved Racking Inspectors (SARIs).

Pallet racking needs to be meticulously designed and maintained to the exacting standards of SEMA, local authority requirements, building regulations and all known Health and Safety standards, and with our expert teams and partnerships, we transform sites into a safe, well-organised place for storing items in bulk. Our SEMA policies can be found here

About SEMA Distributor Group

Warehouse safety

The need for employers to put measures in place now is more important than ever. The Health and Safety Executive Guide to Warehousing and Storage and the Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations places a legal requirement on all employers for pallet racking storage equipment to be reviewed annually by an approved inspector.

Our in-house SARIs offer safety inspections that provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current storage systems, providing detailed reports, professional advice and recommendations. Our team can also provide specific listing of components to be replaced and any corrective actions required.

Our SARIs offer:

  • Pallet racking inspections
  • Shelving system audits
  • On site safety awareness training for all staff
  • Storage system repairs
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Pallet Racking & Mezzanines

We do exactly what we say we do – we design effective warehouses. We have a design team dedicated to drawing CAD plans, presenting best fit solutions for racking, shelving and mezzanines that optimise valuable warehouse space.

Our warehouse solutions extend to:

  • Wide aisle racking – our most popular pallet racking storage system due to its versatility and value
  • Narrow aisle racking – maximising the height at which goods can be stacked, allowing for easy access to all pallets stored
  • Drive-in solutions – pallets are stored on guide rails so forklift trucks can enter the lanes to deposit and retrieve loads
  • Longspan shelving – very versatile and suitable for hand loading environments.
  • Mobile shelving systems – versatile and suitable for small parts storage and archive areas
  • Mezzanine floors – this can be a raised storage platform or office accommodation, utilising area and height available
  • Industrial partitioning – cost-effective, durable and strong, steel partitioning creates designated areas and helps support storage room staff


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