Project Description

Alstom is a world leader in integrated railway systems and has been at the heart of the UK’s rail industry for over 80 years, having built around a third of the UK’s rail vehicles and around half the trains running on the London Underground.

The client partnered with us to implement Hänel automated storage and pallet racking systems into most of its centres located throughout the UK.

At Wembley, the automated systems store 60% of all stock and help deliver 200 picks per day.

Project Details

Area - Wembley & Golders Green, London
Employees - 2500
Specifications - • Hänel Lean-Lifts • Pallet Racking
Requirements - To better manage and consolidate each warehouse, creating efficiencies and reducing operating costs.
Benefits - A new and sophisticated multi-warehouse management solution, reduction in operation downtime and significant cost savings overall

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Transforming Operations

Alstom invested in three Hänel Lean-Lifts for its Wembley site to consolidate several warehouse areas and improve security, safety and traceability all at the same time. The height-optimised storage, with space-saving tray profile heights at 37.5mm, ensures all valuable components are safeguarded and securely stored.

The systems are delivered with an intelligent software interface linking to Alstom’s ERP system which makes for fast and efficient order picking at the client’s bustling rail service point. All components are picked according to specified train numbers, where tracing is possible using batch numbers and serial numbers. For security purposes, the systems are equipped with the MP 12-N controller, along with a USB interface and card reader to prevent unauthorised access. A log system also keeps track of all user transactions performed at the lift systems, with each user scanning a key card to access and retrieve items.

With any busy picking operation, like Alstom’s, any downtime of accessing components and parts can become very costly. To relieve this, Hänel technology includes the Expanded Safety Bypass which ensures the lifts can still be operated until a qualified service engineer arrives to rectify the issue.


"The installation of Hänel automated storage systems into our centres has saved valuable time and reduced the amount of costly overtime hours at Alstom. In our case, the return on investment was achieved within just a few months – instead of years"

Jason Hughes - Continuous Improvement Leader

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